MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Crib Bedding (x2)!

Well, this isn’t as fun of a must-have.

It’s rather PRACTICAL. But in the wee hours of the morning . . . you’ll thank me. 

Register for, or just go buy, two sets of crib bedding.

Two crib sheets. Two waterproof mattress pads.

Here’s why.

Let me paint you a picture. Your newborn has finally gone to sleep for “bedtime” around 11 pm. Good. So now you can maybe get to sleep for a couple hour stretch, maybe? Just as you’ve fallen asleep (or so it seems), that impossible tired place where you feel almost nauseous for being awake, your baby awakes and is just screaming.

You go into her nursery. She is soaked. Her onesie, her sleeper, her sleep sack, her sheets. 

The last thing you want is to be awake. Let alone changing diapers, finding new pjs in the dark without your contacts in, stripping crib sheets, digging in the linen closet for sheets, starting a load of laundry, and fighting with the crib mattress to get the clean pad and sheets back on. All while feeling nauseously tired.


SO . . .

1. Buy 2 sheets and 2 crib mattress pads.

2. Use all of them at the same time.


Place one pad on, then top with a sheet like you normally would. Then place ANOTHER pad and another sheet on top. When the top layer sheet and mattress pad get soaked, all you have to do is strip the dirty linens off, and the other set is all clean and ready to go.

This makes dealing with soaked sheets a breeze. A nuisance, but a manageable one at that 😉

Happy Monday!




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