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30 Oct

6 Simple Things to Enjoy AFTER Baby Arrives

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6 Simple Things to Enjoy AFTER Baby Arrives

The last time I wrote, I advised on the 6 Simple Things to Enjoy Before Baby Arrives. However, if your baby is here already, it may seem like a bit of a downer. The many simple luxuries that you no longer have! Therefore, enjoy the following!


After waiting all this time, you finally get to see what your little peanut looks like! Gushing at how tiny they are, how cute they are, who they look like. Isn’t this why we get maternity/paternity leave?!



Everyone has been waiting to meet your little one! They are excited for you and the journey you’re just beginning. Your baby is YOURS. They prefer YOU. They belong to YOU. And after 9+ months carrying and delivering your baby, you deserve the love and attention of ogling over your baby. Family, friends, and strangers alike! Enjoy it!



Though some may say it’s all rainbows and butterflies being pregnant, I personally know those last few weeks can drag when you’re ready to just be done. No more sleeping upright, chronic heartburn, full bladder, achy joints, and other diagnosed medical issues like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, PUPP, and other concerns to cause you worry and discomfort. Pregnancy is over . . . you made it!



Holding your sleeping baby on your chest. Feeding your baby. Resting and recovering. Totally justifiable. Enough said.


Graciously accept meals from family, friends, and co-workers. They know caring for a newborn is tough work. Order from your favorite take-out restaurants. It’s a short-lived few months. It will save you time and stress, and it’ll allow more time for sleep, rest, and taking care of your newborn. For the in-between meals, think simple: sandwiches, pre-made granola, healthy trail mixes, nuts, vegetables and hummus, easy fruits (bananas, apples, grapes). After all, you have the rest of your life to cook…!



Just embrace how much these little ones need you. It won’t be like this for long. (Cue Darius Rucker). So soak in all the snuggles and cuddles they’ll give you!

There is so much to enjoy after baby enters the world. Enjoy it, and try not to get bogged down by any of the potential negatives.

Much Love to You!

26 Oct

Madison, WI Maternity Photos: Alyssa & Corey

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Beautiful Maternity Photos
Alyssa & Corey’s Maternity Photos

I met Alyssa and Corey on a chilly October Saturday. Though overcast and drizzly, it didn’t take away any excitement or beauty from this photoshoot.


We strolled through a beautiful conservancy, full of bikers, hikers, runners, strollers, and dogwalkers. Each time someone passed, they hustled to get by. They clearly saw this beautiful couple and didn’t want to get in the way.


Corey is such a great guy. He is kind and cooperative and loving to Alyssa. He went with the flow, which made for some beautiful photos. And when Alyssa’s lips started to turn purple, he made sure to get us back to the car for an outfit change.


Corey was so cute when I told him to grab Alyssa’s face and kiss her . . . no trouble there. Like he was just waiting for the opportunity! Makes you just say “aww”, doesn’t it?


You can tell by the way Corey looks at Alyssa that he is so in love with her, and their soon-to-arrive little guy.

madisonmaternityphotos9 madisonmaternityphotos10 madisonmaternityphotos11

But then again, who wouldn’t be? When Alyssa first stepped out of the car, she was stunning! I had major hair envy. She had it all done up so smooth and nice. It looked awesome and professionally done. That way, you could see her shiny new earrings, too. Such a stylish mama.


She has this beautiful bump that just makes you want to hold it! Don’t worry, I restrained myself. She is incredibly adorable and so sweet.


She was organized and prepared, bringing several ideas for props. Pumpkins from her shower, a letter from her nursery, and the tiniest, cutest shoes. Speaking of . . . don’t they both have some sweet boots? I was digging them.


And of course the little man has some nice kicks, too.


Alyssa wore her Grandmother’s ring, which now belongs to her. It is GORGEOUS. Vintage yet fits today’s style unbelievably well. I thought it was her own wedding ring, at first. 


Did you notice how Corey tucked his hands into her pockets? How cute. I didn’t tell him to do that. So unless his own hands were cold, that is pretty, stinkin’ adorable.


Congratulations to such a sweet couple! Thinking of you in the upcoming weeks. Baby G has some pretty cool parents! Thanks for bringing me along for the ride!

Your Forever Photos,

18 Oct

Amber & Nate Maternity Shoot {Madison, WI}

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Maternity Photos: Madison, Wisconsin


We knew Amber and Nate were welcoming a baby GIRL . . .

. . . but we had no idea what her name would be. We talked during their maternity photos, and they were pretty set on baby’s name, but rather than spoiling it for everybody, they decided to keep it a secret. Just so they wouldn’t slip, they nicknamed her “Buzz”.



Pretty cute. It’s always so adorable to see how parents-to-be interact with their baby in utero, especially during maternity photos.



 Nate was so doting on Amber, helping her up, loving on her baby belly, wrapping Amber up in his arms.


You know, palming her cute basketball of a belly!

Enjoying the last few weeks of just them in the world.


It was an amazing evening – a perfectly warm night, minimal bugs, and just some special time and attention for baby Otis.



There really is no preparing a new couple for how life-altering having a child is. Everyone experiences on their own accord and rolls with the punches, figuring it out their own way.



And let me just say, Amber and Nate are doing amazing and are the most caring, loving parents to little Madeline. The sweetest name for their little “Buzz.”

These are Your Forever Photos,

14 Oct

6 Simple Things To Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

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I almost titled this post 6 Simple Things TO DO Before Baby Arrives. 

Then I realized how stupid that sounds. Of course you have a million things running around in your head that need to get done before baby gets here. Plus your crazy “nesting” to-do list.

So instead, here are small things you should ENJOY before your life revolves around feeding, changing, and keeping a tiny human being alive.

6 Simple Things to Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

1. Painting Your Own Nails
I never realized the luxury of having a few hours at night to veg on the couch and let me nails really, fully dry. Not worrying about having to change a diaper, feed your newborn, rock an infant. AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.

2. Eating Dinner
PERIOD. Or eating dinner without a newborn latched on at the dinner table. Newborns have an uncanny ability to cry and need you for something right as you sit down to dinner.

3. Watching an Entire Movie in One Sitting
Okay. So this might be tricky, seeing as though you probably have to pause it to pee 10 times throughout a 2 hour movie. However, no worries about spontaneous spit-ups or blow outs or crying spells to interrupt a good flick.

4. Spontaneously Going ANYWHERE (only applies to first-time moms)
Get in and out of the car only worrying about driving and moving yourself! Imagine that. For repeat moms, leave the kids with Dad and go somewhere. Anywhere. Turn up the radio to something other than Frozen. Leave feeding the kids to Dad, because soon, your little peanut will rely on YOU as their sole food source.

5. Showering
Casually. Letting your thoughts wander about randomly. No worries about whether you heard a baby cry, frantically holding the monitor up to your ear. Or whether the baby is breathing in her crib. Or whether or not your toddler is sitting on your newborn. Showering alone without toddlers and babies trying to climb in. Showering with the lights on, like a normal human being, and not with a toddler flicking them on and off repeatedly.

6. Sleep
Choosing to go to sleep whenever you want. Sleeping for longer than 2 hour stretches. Looking forward to sleep, as opposed to looking forward to the daytime, when it’s normal for people to be awake for hours on end.

Does this make me sound bitter and jaded? I’m not. This is just the reality of having little ones! They really are so awesome.

Free snuggles. A constant buddy to hang with. Little humans who love you unconditionally.

These are are just a few reminders of things to consciously enjoy!



05 Oct

Personalize Your Newborn Photos

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personalized newborn photos

What makes for UNIQUE newborn photos?

How do we capture MEANINGFUL newborn portraits?

Why do some newborn photos MAKE YOUR HEART ACHE?


I’ll let you in on a secret . . .

Personalize your newborn photoshoot.

There are tons of photographers who can take adorable photographs. They can follow the latest trending pins on Pinterest, or replicate other photographers’ photos. Stuff babies into every type of bowl, basket, and box.


What REALLY matters, though, is creating lasting memories that mean something to YOU. Weaving your own personal story into your newborn shoot.

Personalizing your photos in a way that is meaningful to YOU and no one else. 

Grandpa built this wooden canoe

Grandpa built this wooden canoe. Avid fishermen.

HOW do you do that?

Of course there are BIG, BEAUTIFUL, OBVIOUS, WAYS to personalize your newborn photos, such as firefighter uniforms, police officer uniforms, military uniforms, and other serviceperson attire. It is a huge part of who the parents are and what type of family the new baby will be welcomed into.

But if nothing seemingly LARGE stands out at you for being personal or a neat piece of your identity to meaningfully incorporate into the photoshoot, then here are a few simple, special ways to create personal, beautiful photos:

1. Wedding Rings

Though a bit cliche, your wedding rings are YOUR WEDDING RINGS. Your marriage (in many cases) is what brought your child into the world. While it’s not an entirely one-of-a-kind approach, it will certainly be a one-of-a-kind photo with your own highly personal wedding rings. Use ’em . . . even if mom’s doesn’t quite fit yet.

2. Fine Jewelry

Personalized necklaces & bracelets, birthstone jewelry, or family heirlooms are all beautiful ways to easily personalize your photos.

3. Meaningful Gifts

I’m not saying use every gift given, especially the ones from crazy Great Aunt Shelly. However, if a godmother quilted a blanket, or a grandmother knit a blanket or booties, use them in a photo or two. In this particular photo, the blue blanket was knit and gifted by a special family member.


4. Wrap Baby in Mom’s Scarves, Sweaters, and Knits

Maybe only Mom will know, but she will remember her sweet newborn wrapped in her very own items from her closet. And what baby doesn’t want to be wrapped up in Mom??


5. Get in the Nursery! 

Every new mother and father will spend countless hours rocking, feeding, singing, reading, playing, and trying to tiptoe out of the nursery. Capture every detail of how the room was thoughtfully designed and decorated for baby: monograms, letters, personalized blankets, etc.


6. Incorporate Your Hobbies

After all, your baby is a product of YOU. Show him/her a glimpse of what mom and dad were into before kids entered the picture!


7. Hop on Mom and Dad’s Bed

A simple, personal memory into the late-night feedings and cozy nights spent cuddling your sweet babe. (Ok, sounds a bit too picturesque, but I promise you’ll look back with fondness. Even though you may be dreading nighttime right now. Hang in there!)


Keep it Personal with Your Forever Photos.


13 Sep

The Most BEAUTIFUL Newborn Photos

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A lot goes into creating beautiful newborn photos. However, each person has different criteria for what makes a photo beautiful. Here are some of my thoughts on what makes an image truly beautiful.

1. When LOVE seems to be oozing out of everyone. Dad adores his new little girl. Mom is in LOVE with her husband more than ever before. And it is transparent.


2. Photos that are uniquely composed and full of beautiful things! Pearls, diamonds, baby toes!


3. Comfortable-looking, sleeping newborns wrapped in lace and flowers. All her tiny features are sticking out to adore.


4. Real emotion. Of any kind, really. Again, more oozing love happening.


5. Tender moments. The kind that pull your heartstrings and make your heart ache that these times are so fleeting.


6. Sibling love. Looking on in adoration at the little miracle.


7. The unexpected. Baby Clara kicked one of her legs out of her swaddle/wrap, and we just went with it! Creates unique, one-of-a-kind images.


8. Mama + Baby  = ALWAYS a beautiful, beautiful photo.


What do YOU think makes the best, most beautiful newborn photo?? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear!

Much love,

16 Jul

Little Miss Fiona

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Sweet Fiona. I had the pleasure of snuggling and meeting this beautiful, little angel.


I arrived at Kristin and Brian’s house that morning, and they were like old pros. Fiona was finishing up feeding and was a sleepy, sleepy sweetheart. Clearly made for beautiful newborn photos.


After walking throughout their lovely home, it just so happened that the best, brightest light was in the nursery. Perfect. So we cranked the space heater up and got it nice and toasty in there. She loved it.

Her room is filled with the cutest, most personalized, creative things. I especially loved their chalkboard announcement sign. Simply adorable.

Madison, Wisconsin Newborn Photos

She has a bookshelf full of board books, so she’ll one day become smart like her mom and dad.

She has a closet full of the cutest outfits, because what girl doesn’t love a little fashion?

She has a wall full of mom-crafted fabric art circles above her crib, to instill an appreciation for color and art.

She has a glider for at night, so her parents can rock to her, sing to her, and love her.


So she knows how much they love, love, love her.

Even during the inevitable newborn crying spells.


Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge how calm Kristin is? Only a mother can do that so beautifully. You are amazing, my dear.


And yes, she was just testing you. She loves her momma.

AND her daddy. Brian had the most adorable baby fever, and now he has the most adorable baby girl! He is a natural and so loving and sweet with her. A match made in heaven, for sure.


Just look at this beauty. A perfectly, sweet baby girl.


May your days (and nights – let’s be honest), be filled with the sweetest smiles, the best snuggles, and enough love to keep you looking at Fiona just like this for all your days.


Congratulations & best wishes to a beautiful family.

These are Your Forever Photos.



P.S. See more newborn photos in our Gallery

13 Jul

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Crib Bedding (x2)!

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Well, this isn’t as fun of a must-have.

It’s rather PRACTICAL. But in the wee hours of the morning . . . you’ll thank me. 

Register for, or just go buy, two sets of crib bedding.

Two crib sheets. Two waterproof mattress pads.

Here’s why.

Let me paint you a picture. Your newborn has finally gone to sleep for “bedtime” around 11 pm. Good. So now you can maybe get to sleep for a couple hour stretch, maybe? Just as you’ve fallen asleep (or so it seems), that impossible tired place where you feel almost nauseous for being awake, your baby awakes and is just screaming.

You go into her nursery. She is soaked. Her onesie, her sleeper, her sleep sack, her sheets. 

The last thing you want is to be awake. Let alone changing diapers, finding new pjs in the dark without your contacts in, stripping crib sheets, digging in the linen closet for sheets, starting a load of laundry, and fighting with the crib mattress to get the clean pad and sheets back on. All while feeling nauseously tired.


SO . . .

1. Buy 2 sheets and 2 crib mattress pads.

2. Use all of them at the same time.


Place one pad on, then top with a sheet like you normally would. Then place ANOTHER pad and another sheet on top. When the top layer sheet and mattress pad get soaked, all you have to do is strip the dirty linens off, and the other set is all clean and ready to go.

This makes dealing with soaked sheets a breeze. A nuisance, but a manageable one at that 😉

Happy Monday!




22 Jun


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No one can quite prepare you for the absurd number of diaper changes you will be doing in those first days, weeks, months.

I mean a crazy amount of diapers changes.


Even after you’ve had kids, you forget how you change diapers day in and day out. Our living room was just a GIANT diaper changing room for a solid month, at least. Which is why you need a diaper caddy. Or basket. Or something to collect all your diaper/baby stuff.

Wipes, diapers, ointment, burp clothes, blankets, pacifiers, diaper changing mats, portable sound machine, extra clothes.


And unless you live in a ranch-style home or you move your diaper changing table downstairs, you’d be making a TON of trips upstairs. I guess that’s one way to lose the baby weight!


There are ADORABLE diaper caddy designs on Etsy, if you want a unique, personalized, USA-made caddy. I’ve also had luck finding cute elephant, polka dot, and chevron designs at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. And of course all baby stores, like Target/Babies R Us will have an assortment of caddies.

This JJ Cole one looks nice and durable. Love the mint color.diapercaddy4Super helpful and keeps you somewhat organized when you’re so tired that you can’t tell which way is up.

Happy Monday!

P.S. This makes a GREAT gift, stuffed with all your favorite baby essentials. 

16 Jun

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Sun Protection

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Summer is here! Protect your babies from the sun.

For all your summer babies out there, here are a few must-haves for your summer of sun.

Summer Must Haves:

Adorable, big-brimmed bonnets and fishermen hats protect baby’s face and neck. Ones with straps make it easier to keep them on!

Whenever you can, cover baby’s skin with light clothing. Especially since it’s recommended for babies under 6 months to avoid using sunscreen.

Liberally apply sunscreen to babies 6 months and older every 2 hours. Avoid direct sun from 10am-4pm, especially. Visit for more information on the safest and WORST sunscreens for your baby and you. Babies’ skin is different from adults and it soaks up more of the chemicals in sunscreens. Forego the cheapest, most chemical-filled sunscreens. Avoid sprays due to harmful inhalation.

Cover baby boys’ chests/tummies/shoulders/arms with protective rash guards. They make them for baby girls, too.

Purchase ones with 100% UV protection. Babies may or may not leave these on!

Bring shade and cover with you wherever you go with a light, airy blanket. Drape over baby’s legs or over the entire carseat during stroller rides. You can also drape it over your carrier when carrying your little cutie. Don’t forget to cover their little arms and legs peeking out.

Keep baby hydrated with sips of water. Not too much that it affects how much they eat.

For more information on protecting your babies from the sun, visit

Happy Monday!