The Most BEAUTIFUL Newborn Photos

The Most BEAUTIFUL Newborn Photos

A lot goes into creating beautiful newborn photos. However, each person has different criteria for what makes a photo beautiful. Here are some of my thoughts on what makes an image truly beautiful.

1. When LOVE seems to be oozing out of everyone. Dad adores his new little girl. Mom is in LOVE with her husband more than ever before. And it is transparent.


2. Photos that are uniquely composed and full of beautiful things! Pearls, diamonds, baby toes!


3. Comfortable-looking, sleeping newborns wrapped in lace and flowers. All her tiny features are sticking out to adore.


4. Real emotion. Of any kind, really. Again, more oozing love happening.


5. Tender moments. The kind that pull your heartstrings and make your heart ache that these times are so fleeting.


6. Sibling love. Looking on in adoration at the little miracle.


7. The unexpected. Baby Clara kicked one of her legs out of her swaddle/wrap, and we just went with it! Creates unique, one-of-a-kind images.


8. Mama + Baby  = ALWAYS a beautiful, beautiful photo.


What do YOU think makes the best, most beautiful newborn photo?? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear!

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