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22 Jun


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No one can quite prepare you for the absurd number of diaper changes you will be doing in those first days, weeks, months.

I mean a crazy amount of diapers changes.


Even after you’ve had kids, you forget how you change diapers day in and day out. Our living room was just a GIANT diaper changing room for a solid month, at least. Which is why you need a diaper caddy. Or basket. Or something to collect all your diaper/baby stuff.

Wipes, diapers, ointment, burp clothes, blankets, pacifiers, diaper changing mats, portable sound machine, extra clothes.


And unless you live in a ranch-style home or you move your diaper changing table downstairs, you’d be making a TON of trips upstairs. I guess that’s one way to lose the baby weight!


There are ADORABLE diaper caddy designs on Etsy, if you want a unique, personalized, USA-made caddy. I’ve also had luck finding cute elephant, polka dot, and chevron designs at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. And of course all baby stores, like Target/Babies R Us will have an assortment of caddies.

This JJ Cole one looks nice and durable. Love the mint color.diapercaddy4Super helpful and keeps you somewhat organized when you’re so tired that you can’t tell which way is up.

Happy Monday!

P.S. This makes a GREAT gift, stuffed with all your favorite baby essentials. 

16 Jun

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Sun Protection

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Summer is here! Protect your babies from the sun.

For all your summer babies out there, here are a few must-haves for your summer of sun.

Summer Must Haves:

Adorable, big-brimmed bonnets and fishermen hats protect baby’s face and neck. Ones with straps make it easier to keep them on!

Whenever you can, cover baby’s skin with light clothing. Especially since it’s recommended for babies under 6 months to avoid using sunscreen.

Liberally apply sunscreen to babies 6 months and older every 2 hours. Avoid direct sun from 10am-4pm, especially. Visit for more information on the safest and WORST sunscreens for your baby and you. Babies’ skin is different from adults and it soaks up more of the chemicals in sunscreens. Forego the cheapest, most chemical-filled sunscreens. Avoid sprays due to harmful inhalation.

Cover baby boys’ chests/tummies/shoulders/arms with protective rash guards. They make them for baby girls, too.

Purchase ones with 100% UV protection. Babies may or may not leave these on!

Bring shade and cover with you wherever you go with a light, airy blanket. Drape over baby’s legs or over the entire carseat during stroller rides. You can also drape it over your carrier when carrying your little cutie. Don’t forget to cover their little arms and legs peeking out.

Keep baby hydrated with sips of water. Not too much that it affects how much they eat.

For more information on protecting your babies from the sun, visit

Happy Monday!

09 Jun

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Makeup Remover Wipes

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Makeup Remover Wipes

This must-have is for all you moms.

New moms. Moms again. Moms-to-be. All women, even!

Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand.

These AVEENO wipes are nice. But there are also a million other kinds.


There will be time and time again where you will fall asleep with your contacts in, face not washed. And yes, I’m sure you’ve read how terrible sleeping in your makeup is for your skin. I would NEVER not wash my face, no matter how tired I was. Until I had babies.

A whole new form of sleep deprivation and tiredness. And let me tell you . . . SLEEP TRUMPED WASHING MY FACE.

Here are the negative effects of skipping out on washing your face:

clogged pores


uneven skin tone

deeper wrinkles

lack of skin renewal process
(occurs during the night)

faster aging

Having kids ages you enough . . . do what can to prevent it further!

 Happy, er . . . Tuesday!

16 Mar

Must-Have Monday: Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets

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Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets


Perhaps you have heard about these lightweight muslin blankets? I’m sure many of you have. For some new moms and moms-to-be, they are on the very TOP of my must-have list for you!

NewbornThese muslin blankets are large, lightweight, and 100% cotton muslin. They are extremely versatile and come with me wherever I go. They are SO much more than a blanket. Here is a list of just some of the many uses I use them for:


  • swaddling newborns

  • breastfeeding cover

  • light blanket in the summer

  • sun cover/shade during stroller walks or at the park

  • soft & pretty backdrop for photos

  • burp cloth

  • breastpad (stuffed down my shirt while at home!)

  • playmat, while on the go


In looking through my photos (some of these are just quick phone pics), I realize how dependent I am on these. I go EVERYWHERE with them! They are well worth the $35-45 price tag, for 3-4. They offer organic ones, like the blue star print above, or bamboo blends. Thicker “dream blankets”, burp cloths, crib sheets, and sleep sacks. We’ve been loving the sleep sacks for a light, summertime, safe blanket alternative.

One recommendation . . . stick with the Aden & Anais brand. I’ve tried others, and they don’t seem as soft. My own opinion (I have no affiliation with the company).  So put them on your registry ASAP!

Happy Monday!