Personalize Your Newborn Photos

Personalize Your Newborn Photos

personalized newborn photos

What makes for UNIQUE newborn photos?

How do we capture MEANINGFUL newborn portraits?

Why do some newborn photos MAKE YOUR HEART ACHE?


I’ll let you in on a secret . . .

Personalize your newborn photoshoot.

There are tons of photographers who can take adorable photographs. They can follow the latest trending pins on Pinterest, or replicate other photographers’ photos. Stuff babies into every type of bowl, basket, and box.


What REALLY matters, though, is creating lasting memories that mean something to YOU. Weaving your own personal story into your newborn shoot.

Personalizing your photos in a way that is meaningful to YOU and no one else. 

Grandpa built this wooden canoe

Grandpa built this wooden canoe. Avid fishermen.

HOW do you do that?

Of course there are BIG, BEAUTIFUL, OBVIOUS, WAYS to personalize your newborn photos, such as firefighter uniforms, police officer uniforms, military uniforms, and other serviceperson attire. It is a huge part of who the parents are and what type of family the new baby will be welcomed into.

But if nothing seemingly LARGE stands out at you for being personal or a neat piece of your identity to meaningfully incorporate into the photoshoot, then here are a few simple, special ways to create personal, beautiful photos:

1. Wedding Rings

Though a bit cliche, your wedding rings are YOUR WEDDING RINGS. Your marriage (in many cases) is what brought your child into the world. While it’s not an entirely one-of-a-kind approach, it will certainly be a one-of-a-kind photo with your own highly personal wedding rings. Use ’em . . . even if mom’s doesn’t quite fit yet.

2. Fine Jewelry

Personalized necklaces & bracelets, birthstone jewelry, or family heirlooms are all beautiful ways to easily personalize your photos.

3. Meaningful Gifts

I’m not saying use every gift given, especially the ones from crazy Great Aunt Shelly. However, if a godmother quilted a blanket, or a grandmother knit a blanket or booties, use them in a photo or two. In this particular photo, the blue blanket was knit and gifted by a special family member.


4. Wrap Baby in Mom’s Scarves, Sweaters, and Knits

Maybe only Mom will know, but she will remember her sweet newborn wrapped in her very own items from her closet. And what baby doesn’t want to be wrapped up in Mom??


5. Get in the Nursery! 

Every new mother and father will spend countless hours rocking, feeding, singing, reading, playing, and trying to tiptoe out of the nursery. Capture every detail of how the room was thoughtfully designed and decorated for baby: monograms, letters, personalized blankets, etc.


6. Incorporate Your Hobbies

After all, your baby is a product of YOU. Show him/her a glimpse of what mom and dad were into before kids entered the picture!


7. Hop on Mom and Dad’s Bed

A simple, personal memory into the late-night feedings and cozy nights spent cuddling your sweet babe. (Ok, sounds a bit too picturesque, but I promise you’ll look back with fondness. Even though you may be dreading nighttime right now. Hang in there!)


Keep it Personal with Your Forever Photos.


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