MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Tiny Love Crib Mobile

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Tiny Love Crib Mobile

Once my kids were around 3 months, they LOVED hanging out in their crib. Mostly in part to this Tiny Love Mobile.

It was great. I could lay her down in the crib while I cooked dinner, and she was happy as a clam. Cooing and kicking away. Or while I showered. Or simply needed 10 minutes to myself. With my firstĀ child, that is šŸ™‚ No toddlers to chase after.

newborn in crib

Why This Mobile Is So Great:

1. It plays adorable, sweet melodies. For drifting off to sleep, or just hanging out in the crib.

2. It hasĀ BLACK AND WHITE spirals on the inside of the cones or parts of the mobile hanging. If you don’t know yet, babies love high contrast toys, books, anything. They can watch this thing for mobile3. The mobile not only rotates the little guys, but also each little guy spins at some point, too. The babies like the element of surprise!

4. There is also a small light up piece on the mount that babies are drawn to.

5. You have theĀ optionĀ of having the mobile quietly spin,Ā or spinĀ withĀ the music on.

6. Once your baby is old enough to reach, crawl and try to yank ’em down, you can still have the music/light mounted on and simply take off the mobile part. Great for lulling them to sleep still.

baby mobile 3

7. There are mainly pink ones, mainly blue ones . . . yet they each still haveĀ oranges and pinks and greens either way, which is nice.

Consider getting this mobile! It can be a real life-saver. I found mine on Craigslist, like new. Otherwise, slap it on your registry.

Happy Monday!

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