MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes

This must-have is for all you moms.

New moms. Moms again. Moms-to-be. All women, even!

Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand.

These AVEENO wipes are nice. But there are also a million other kinds.


There will be time and time again where you will fall asleep with your contacts in, face not washed. And yes, I’m sure you’ve read how terrible sleeping in your makeup is for your skin. I would NEVER not wash my face, no matter how tired I was. Until I had babies.

A whole new form of sleep deprivation and tiredness. And let me tell you . . . SLEEP TRUMPED WASHING MY FACE.

Here are the negative effects of skipping out on washing your face:

clogged pores


uneven skin tone

deeper wrinkles

lack of skin renewal process
(occurs during the night)

faster aging

Having kids ages you enough . . . do what can to prevent it further!

 Happy, er . . . Tuesday!

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