Little Miss Fiona

Little Miss Fiona

Sweet Fiona. I had the pleasure of snuggling and meeting this beautiful, little angel.


I arrived at Kristin and Brian’s house that morning, and they were like old pros. Fiona was finishing up feeding and was a sleepy, sleepy sweetheart. Clearly made for beautiful newborn photos.


After walking throughout their lovely home, it just so happened that the best, brightest light was in the nursery. Perfect. So we cranked the space heater up and got it nice and toasty in there. She loved it.

Her room is filled with the cutest, most personalized, creative things. I especially loved their chalkboard announcement sign. Simply adorable.

Madison, Wisconsin Newborn Photos

She has a bookshelf full of board books, so she’ll one day become smart like her mom and dad.

She has a closet full of the cutest outfits, because what girl doesn’t love a little fashion?

She has a wall full of mom-crafted fabric art circles above her crib, to instill an appreciation for color and art.

She has a glider for at night, so her parents can rock to her, sing to her, and love her.


So she knows how much they love, love, love her.

Even during the inevitable newborn crying spells.


Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge how calm Kristin is? Only a mother can do that so beautifully. You are amazing, my dear.


And yes, she was just testing you. She loves her momma.

AND her daddy. Brian had the most adorable baby fever, and now he has the most adorable baby girl! He is a natural and so loving and sweet with her. A match made in heaven, for sure.


Just look at this beauty. A perfectly, sweet baby girl.


May your days (and nights – let’s be honest), be filled with the sweetest smiles, the best snuggles, and enough love to keep you looking at Fiona just like this for all your days.


Congratulations & best wishes to a beautiful family.

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