Great Grandpa Meets Carter {Newborn}

Great Grandpa Meets Carter {Newborn}

Meet Christina & Rick. Two of the kindest, patient, sweetest people – and now parents – you’ll ever meet. This is Christina’s Grandpa . . . and his newest title, Great Grandpa to his new great-grandson Carter.


I was honored to capture Carter’s first days here on Earth. Christina met me at her parents house, which holds more memories of family and home. When family caught wind of this, it was the perfect opportunity to jump in the car and head on over to spend more time with this itty bitty cutie! I don’t blame them.


Unfortunately, for them, they maaaaay not have realized that newborn photoshoots can take 2-4 hours to shoot. While the new parents and I were upstairs in baby heaven, the rest of the crew was patiently waiting to see their newest family member.

Once I captured all of Carter’s smiles, smirks, beautiful dark eyes, & peaceful sleeps, we headed downstairs to share his adorableness. Great Grandpa was well rested and came right over to congratulate the new parents.

Congrats to Daddy

I’ve heard Christina talk about her Grandpa, how she takes him grocery shopping, and sees him frequently. Though I had never met him before, their bond is so apparent it brought tears to my eyes. His genuine happiness for his granddaughter and Rick made my heart swell. This embrace went on and on.


Great Grandpa was eager to hold baby Carter (who isn’t?!) He has the sweetest disposition, contentedness in his eyes, and it’s so clear where and who it stems from.

Newborn and Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa is known for his sole lullaby that he hums to every baby . . . Silent Night. No matter the season, Silent Night it is. Such a perfect song. It was the sweetest thing, and so fitting for such a sweet man.

Great Grandpa, Grandaughter, Great Grandson

I hope these images fill your heart and bring you a sense of peace, knowing that good, kind people in the world will be raising even greater children.

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