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30 Oct

6 Simple Things to Enjoy AFTER Baby Arrives

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6 Simple Things to Enjoy AFTER Baby Arrives

The last time I wrote, I advised on the 6 Simple Things to Enjoy Before Baby Arrives. However, if your baby is here already, it may seem like a bit of a downer. The many simple luxuries that you no longer have! Therefore, enjoy the following!


After waiting all this time, you finally get to see what your little peanut looks like! Gushing at how tiny they are, how cute they are, who they look like. Isn’t this why we get maternity/paternity leave?!



Everyone has been waiting to meet your little one! They are excited for you and the journey you’re just beginning. Your baby is YOURS. They prefer YOU. They belong to YOU. And after 9+ months carrying and delivering your baby, you deserve the love and attention of ogling over your baby. Family, friends, and strangers alike! Enjoy it!



Though some may say it’s all rainbows and butterflies being pregnant, I personally know those last few weeks can drag when you’re ready to just be done. No more sleeping upright, chronic heartburn, full bladder, achy joints, and other diagnosed medical issues like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, PUPP, and other concerns to cause you worry and discomfort. Pregnancy is over . . . you made it!



Holding your sleeping baby on your chest. Feeding your baby. Resting and recovering. Totally justifiable. Enough said.


Graciously accept meals from family, friends, and co-workers. They know caring for a newborn is tough work. Order from your favorite take-out restaurants. It’s a short-lived few months. It will save you time and stress, and it’ll allow more time for sleep, rest, and taking care of your newborn. For the in-between meals, think simple: sandwiches, pre-made granola, healthy trail mixes, nuts, vegetables and hummus, easy fruits (bananas, apples, grapes). After all, you have the rest of your life to cook…!



Just embrace how much these little ones need you. It won’t be like this for long. (Cue Darius Rucker). So soak in all the snuggles and cuddles they’ll give you!

There is so much to enjoy after baby enters the world. Enjoy it, and try not to get bogged down by any of the potential negatives.

Much Love to You!

14 Oct

6 Simple Things To Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

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I almost titled this post 6 Simple Things TO DO Before Baby Arrives. 

Then I realized how stupid that sounds. Of course you have a million things running around in your head that need to get done before baby gets here. Plus your crazy “nesting” to-do list.

So instead, here are small things you should ENJOY before your life revolves around feeding, changing, and keeping a tiny human being alive.

6 Simple Things to Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

1. Painting Your Own Nails
I never realized the luxury of having a few hours at night to veg on the couch and let me nails really, fully dry. Not worrying about having to change a diaper, feed your newborn, rock an infant. AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.

2. Eating Dinner
PERIOD. Or eating dinner without a newborn latched on at the dinner table. Newborns have an uncanny ability to cry and need you for something right as you sit down to dinner.

3. Watching an Entire Movie in One Sitting
Okay. So this might be tricky, seeing as though you probably have to pause it to pee 10 times throughout a 2 hour movie. However, no worries about spontaneous spit-ups or blow outs or crying spells to interrupt a good flick.

4. Spontaneously Going ANYWHERE (only applies to first-time moms)
Get in and out of the car only worrying about driving and moving yourself! Imagine that. For repeat moms, leave the kids with Dad and go somewhere. Anywhere. Turn up the radio to something other than Frozen. Leave feeding the kids to Dad, because soon, your little peanut will rely on YOU as their sole food source.

5. Showering
Casually. Letting your thoughts wander about randomly. No worries about whether you heard a baby cry, frantically holding the monitor up to your ear. Or whether the baby is breathing in her crib. Or whether or not your toddler is sitting on your newborn. Showering alone without toddlers and babies trying to climb in. Showering with the lights on, like a normal human being, and not with a toddler flicking them on and off repeatedly.

6. Sleep
Choosing to go to sleep whenever you want. Sleeping for longer than 2 hour stretches. Looking forward to sleep, as opposed to looking forward to the daytime, when it’s normal for people to be awake for hours on end.

Does this make me sound bitter and jaded? I’m not. This is just the reality of having little ones! They really are so awesome.

Free snuggles. A constant buddy to hang with. Little humans who love you unconditionally.

These are are just a few reminders of things to consciously enjoy!



07 Feb

Newborn Gift Idea

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Looking for a unique, meaningful Newborn Gift Idea for mom and her newborn? Allow her to display her newborn photos in this one of a kind, personalized keepsake!

Let me know what you think of it!



20 Feb

Who is the BEST Newborn Photographer in Madison, WI?

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You deserve the BEST.

Your baby deserves the BEST.

It’s only natural to search out the BEST newborn photographer in Madison, Wisconsin!

lifestyle newborn

Finding the BEST photographer is a personal choice, and it differs for everyone. What does the BEST mean to you? Here is what I believe means to be the BEST newborn photographer.

lifestyle newborn photo


1. Someone Who has Quality Customer Service

Being the best photographer means taking the best care of your clients. It means guiding them through tough decisions between prints. It means walking through their homes to search out the best locations for wall art. It means sharing Pinterest boards for nursery ideas, giving tips for what to wear in photos, and suggesting ideas for framing prints. The best photographer is someone who genuinely cares about you, your family, and preserving your memories.

lifestyle newborn photo

2. Someone Who Creates Beautiful Photos & Products

You are investing time and money for priceless photos of your newborn baby. You expect and deserve the photos to be the best. The best photos do not come from handing over a CD of photos and printing from the nearest, cheapest drugstore. The best photographer takes the prints and products into their own hands to ensure the very best crop, the very best print and color quality, the very best display of your beautiful little bundle. The best photographer uses professional print labs, offers fabric or leather covered luxury albums, and delivers beautiful vibrant canvases.

newborn album keepsake

3. Someone Who Specializes in Newborns

The best newborn photographer works with newborns exclusively. They have far more expertise with posing newborns and families with newborns, more artistic ideas for shots, and are more comfortable working with, holding, and caring for newborns. They can also offer the best tips for calming the baby, keeping the baby warm and comfortable, and snapping the best overall newborn photos. For the best newborn photos, choose someone who is passionate about and SPECIALIZES in newborns


Kristi Heiser Photography believes in these above traits. I live by these qualities in my newborn photography. If you agree with my above definition of “the BEST newborn photographer”, then know that that’s what you’ll get when you work with me! If you like what you hear, then click here to CALL or EMAIL ME TODAY to talk babies!!

27 Jan

What to Wear for Newborn Photos

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I’m going to keep this post SIMPLE and CLEAN and to the point. Just like your clothes should be.

1. Soft Cotton Clothing
Baby does not want to snuggle up to a jacket with buttons or zippers. Give your baby some soft, cotton, cuddly clothes to snuggle up to.

2. Neutral or Pastel Colors
      Soft, neutral colors pair well with the baby’s soft skin and newness. Think cream, tan, light brown, pale pink, soft yellow. You want the attention to be on the new baby and not distracted by bold patterns and vibrant colors.

3. Layers
      The house should be kept warm for the new baby, so it might be a bit toasty for you. Dress in layers that look good together or apart. A neutral tank top with a long cardigan and a thin soft scarf. For Dad, a plain tee under a loose button-down. Photos with Mom in a tank top with bare arms next to the bare skin of baby looks so, so sweet.

4. Minimal or Smaller-sized Jewelry
      Avoid chunky, cold, sharp jewelry. And long necklaces. For obvious reasons. A special monogrammed necklace, a gifted charm bracelet, or special earrings from your significant other would be great choices. Wedding rings are recommended 🙂


Of course, these are YOUR photos, so take or leave this advice. These are simply guidelines – but feel free to add in a pop of color in a headband, scarf, base tank top, etc. We still want the photos to represent you and your style!