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05 Oct

Personalize Your Newborn Photos

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personalized newborn photos

What makes for UNIQUE newborn photos?

How do we capture MEANINGFUL newborn portraits?

Why do some newborn photos MAKE YOUR HEART ACHE?


I’ll let you in on a secret . . .

Personalize your newborn photoshoot.

There are tons of photographers who can take adorable photographs. They can follow the latest trending pins on Pinterest, or replicate other photographers’ photos. Stuff babies into every type of bowl, basket, and box.


What REALLY matters, though, is creating lasting memories that mean something to YOU. Weaving your own personal story into your newborn shoot.

Personalizing your photos in a way that is meaningful to YOU and no one else. 

Grandpa built this wooden canoe

Grandpa built this wooden canoe. Avid fishermen.

HOW do you do that?

Of course there are BIG, BEAUTIFUL, OBVIOUS, WAYS to personalize your newborn photos, such as firefighter uniforms, police officer uniforms, military uniforms, and other serviceperson attire. It is a huge part of who the parents are and what type of family the new baby will be welcomed into.

But if nothing seemingly LARGE stands out at you for being personal or a neat piece of your identity to meaningfully incorporate into the photoshoot, then here are a few simple, special ways to create personal, beautiful photos:

1. Wedding Rings

Though a bit cliche, your wedding rings are YOUR WEDDING RINGS. Your marriage (in many cases) is what brought your child into the world. While it’s not an entirely one-of-a-kind approach, it will certainly be a one-of-a-kind photo with your own highly personal wedding rings. Use ’em . . . even if mom’s doesn’t quite fit yet.

2. Fine Jewelry

Personalized necklaces & bracelets, birthstone jewelry, or family heirlooms are all beautiful ways to easily personalize your photos.

3. Meaningful Gifts

I’m not saying use every gift given, especially the ones from crazy Great Aunt Shelly. However, if a godmother quilted a blanket, or a grandmother knit a blanket or booties, use them in a photo or two. In this particular photo, the blue blanket was knit and gifted by a special family member.


4. Wrap Baby in Mom’s Scarves, Sweaters, and Knits

Maybe only Mom will know, but she will remember her sweet newborn wrapped in her very own items from her closet. And what baby doesn’t want to be wrapped up in Mom??


5. Get in the Nursery! 

Every new mother and father will spend countless hours rocking, feeding, singing, reading, playing, and trying to tiptoe out of the nursery. Capture every detail of how the room was thoughtfully designed and decorated for baby: monograms, letters, personalized blankets, etc.


6. Incorporate Your Hobbies

After all, your baby is a product of YOU. Show him/her a glimpse of what mom and dad were into before kids entered the picture!


7. Hop on Mom and Dad’s Bed

A simple, personal memory into the late-night feedings and cozy nights spent cuddling your sweet babe. (Ok, sounds a bit too picturesque, but I promise you’ll look back with fondness. Even though you may be dreading nighttime right now. Hang in there!)


Keep it Personal with Your Forever Photos.


13 Sep

The Most BEAUTIFUL Newborn Photos

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A lot goes into creating beautiful newborn photos. However, each person has different criteria for what makes a photo beautiful. Here are some of my thoughts on what makes an image truly beautiful.

1. When LOVE seems to be oozing out of everyone. Dad adores his new little girl. Mom is in LOVE with her husband more than ever before. And it is transparent.


2. Photos that are uniquely composed and full of beautiful things! Pearls, diamonds, baby toes!


3. Comfortable-looking, sleeping newborns wrapped in lace and flowers. All her tiny features are sticking out to adore.


4. Real emotion. Of any kind, really. Again, more oozing love happening.


5. Tender moments. The kind that pull your heartstrings and make your heart ache that these times are so fleeting.


6. Sibling love. Looking on in adoration at the little miracle.


7. The unexpected. Baby Clara kicked one of her legs out of her swaddle/wrap, and we just went with it! Creates unique, one-of-a-kind images.


8. Mama + Baby  = ALWAYS a beautiful, beautiful photo.


What do YOU think makes the best, most beautiful newborn photo?? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear!

Much love,

16 Jul

Little Miss Fiona

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Sweet Fiona. I had the pleasure of snuggling and meeting this beautiful, little angel.


I arrived at Kristin and Brian’s house that morning, and they were like old pros. Fiona was finishing up feeding and was a sleepy, sleepy sweetheart. Clearly made for beautiful newborn photos.


After walking throughout their lovely home, it just so happened that the best, brightest light was in the nursery. Perfect. So we cranked the space heater up and got it nice and toasty in there. She loved it.

Her room is filled with the cutest, most personalized, creative things. I especially loved their chalkboard announcement sign. Simply adorable.

Madison, Wisconsin Newborn Photos

She has a bookshelf full of board books, so she’ll one day become smart like her mom and dad.

She has a closet full of the cutest outfits, because what girl doesn’t love a little fashion?

She has a wall full of mom-crafted fabric art circles above her crib, to instill an appreciation for color and art.

She has a glider for at night, so her parents can rock to her, sing to her, and love her.


So she knows how much they love, love, love her.

Even during the inevitable newborn crying spells.


Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge how calm Kristin is? Only a mother can do that so beautifully. You are amazing, my dear.


And yes, she was just testing you. She loves her momma.

AND her daddy. Brian had the most adorable baby fever, and now he has the most adorable baby girl! He is a natural and so loving and sweet with her. A match made in heaven, for sure.


Just look at this beauty. A perfectly, sweet baby girl.


May your days (and nights – let’s be honest), be filled with the sweetest smiles, the best snuggles, and enough love to keep you looking at Fiona just like this for all your days.


Congratulations & best wishes to a beautiful family.

These are Your Forever Photos.



P.S. See more newborn photos in our Gallery

15 May

Newborn Susie Mae {Madison, WI}

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Well, this beauty just entered the world.

Newborn Susie

Susie Mae. She is every bit as adorable as her name would suggest. And I was lucky enough to snuggle her within her first few days here. So was her big sister Kelly!

Sister Kelly

Kelly is 2. She loves dresses and necklaces. Graham crackers and the zoo. Books and trampolines.


Her most recent LOVE, though? Her new baby sister.


Kelly was all for holding baby Susie. And what a natural. How fun will it be to watch these two sweeties grow up together?


Their rooms are right next to each other. Which means late-night whispers, tapping on their adjoining walls, sneaking into one another’s beds during thunderstorms. And of course, one day, stealing each other’s clothes and locking each other out of their rooms. But not now.


Because right now, Kelly is enamored with her brand new baby sister Susie. Kelly has so much to teach her. Like the names of animals at the zoo and how to jump really high on a trampoline. And how to get these two sweet parents wrapped around their little girls’ fingers.


And by the looks of it . . . Kelly sure has taught Susie a thing or two about it already.




Am I right??

All the late-night feedings and ear-piercing cries are so easily forgivable.

Because look at this face.


Sweet, sweet Susie.


Her parents love her more than she will ever know. And they are soaking up these fleeting newborn moments with snuggles and kisses. Rocking and swaying. Bouncing and loving.




Because how could you not?


These are Your Forever Photos,

11 Apr

Great Grandpa Meets Carter {Newborn}

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Meet Christina & Rick. Two of the kindest, patient, sweetest people – and now parents – you’ll ever meet. This is Christina’s Grandpa . . . and his newest title, Great Grandpa to his new great-grandson Carter.


I was honored to capture Carter’s first days here on Earth. Christina met me at her parents house, which holds more memories of family and home. When family caught wind of this, it was the perfect opportunity to jump in the car and head on over to spend more time with this itty bitty cutie! I don’t blame them.


Unfortunately, for them, they maaaaay not have realized that newborn photoshoots can take 2-4 hours to shoot. While the new parents and I were upstairs in baby heaven, the rest of the crew was patiently waiting to see their newest family member.

Once I captured all of Carter’s smiles, smirks, beautiful dark eyes, & peaceful sleeps, we headed downstairs to share his adorableness. Great Grandpa was well rested and came right over to congratulate the new parents.

Congrats to Daddy

I’ve heard Christina talk about her Grandpa, how she takes him grocery shopping, and sees him frequently. Though I had never met him before, their bond is so apparent it brought tears to my eyes. His genuine happiness for his granddaughter and Rick made my heart swell. This embrace went on and on.


Great Grandpa was eager to hold baby Carter (who isn’t?!) He has the sweetest disposition, contentedness in his eyes, and it’s so clear where and who it stems from.

Newborn and Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa is known for his sole lullaby that he hums to every baby . . . Silent Night. No matter the season, Silent Night it is. Such a perfect song. It was the sweetest thing, and so fitting for such a sweet man.

Great Grandpa, Grandaughter, Great Grandson

I hope these images fill your heart and bring you a sense of peace, knowing that good, kind people in the world will be raising even greater children.

These are Your Forever Photos.


17 Jan

10 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

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10 Tips Successful Newborn Shoot

In the weeks and days leading up to your baby’s birth, your brain is on overload. Thoughts, worries, dreams, expectations.


How will I get a hold of my husband?

Do we have enough diapers?

Are all of the baby clothes washed in chemical-free detergent?

How will my kids adjust to the new baby?

What else do I need to pack for the hospital?

Are these contractions Braxton Hicks or early labor?

Will the baby cooperate during our newborn photoshoot?




Scratch that last worry. Get it off your mind. Your shoot WILL be successful.

With these few tips, you’ll set yourself up for a relaxing, enjoyable, successful shoot.



10 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

 1.    Keep your newborn awake for 1-2 hours before the photoshoot.

Your baby will be ready for a good snooze just in time for the shoot. Sleeping babies are easier to pose, more cooperative, and create the most heartwarming peaceful photos. Unwrap them. Tickle their toes. Talk to them. Play with their arms and legs. Turn on lights. Open curtains. Turn on music or the TV.

2.    Feed and burp your baby right before the photoshoot.

A full tummy will zonk the baby right out! Some babies take longer than others to feed, so take your time. You’re just getting to know this little peanut and her schedule. If you’re feeding or nursing when I arrive, do not stress. I have plenty to set up and scope out around the house while you finish feeding.

3.    Loosen the diaper 30 minutes before the photoshoot.

A loose diaper will make those tight diaper marks and indentations disappear. Soft, perfect baby skin will glow in your photos.

4.    If nursing, avoid spicy or heavy foods the day before.

A gassy baby is not a happy baby. Stick to a light, healthy dinner and avoid potential gas triggers in the baby. Some potential culprit foods include: dairy, tomatoes, citrus fruits, spicy foods, fish, soy, or peanut products.

5.    Plan outfits way ahead of time . . . plus a backup.

Set aside an outfit or two for everyone. You don’t want to have to do laundry after returning from the hospital because your “photoshoot shirt” is dirty.  Have a backup shirt in case of spit-up, poo, breastmilk, etc. It happens.

6.    Turn your thermostat up to 75+ degrees.

Your newborn is used to being so cozy and warm – 98.6 degrees. He is still adjusting to this new climate. We want him to be warm and comfortable, but we also want to display those beautiful back wrinkles and those tiny, curled up toes!

7.    Dress in soft layers.

Since it will be warm, think about layers that can be removed and still look nice in photos. Mom’s bare arms alongside the baby’s soft skin can make for beautiful, fresh photos

8.    Make arrangements for your older kids.

There are some really tender moments that can happen with siblings. We can capture those right away. Then have arrangements for someone to take them for an outing, babysit them downstairs, or occupy them away from the photoshoot. Toddlers can be a tad noisy for brand-new sleeping babies and make it difficult for them to relax. It can also be stressful to chase them around, keep them away from photography setups, fetch them a snack, help them go potty, etc. Hire some help and enjoy a more relaxing 2 hours!

9.    Have a clean pacifier on hand.

The SOOTHIE brand is best for newborns and can be helpful to have on hand.

10. Remain calm.

If your baby starts crying, remain calm and be patient. She can pick up on your stress levels. A peaceful, calm environment is essential to a successful shoot!


Follow these simple tips and it’ll be smooth sailing!


Best of Luck,