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26 Oct

Madison, WI Maternity Photos: Alyssa & Corey

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Beautiful Maternity Photos
Alyssa & Corey’s Maternity Photos

I met Alyssa and Corey on a chilly October Saturday. Though overcast and drizzly, it didn’t take away any excitement or beauty from this photoshoot.


We strolled through a beautiful conservancy, full of bikers, hikers, runners, strollers, and dogwalkers. Each time someone passed, they hustled to get by. They clearly saw this beautiful couple and didn’t want to get in the way.


Corey is such a great guy. He is kind and cooperative and loving to Alyssa. He went with the flow, which made for some beautiful photos. And when Alyssa’s lips started to turn purple, he made sure to get us back to the car for an outfit change.


Corey was so cute when I told him to grab Alyssa’s face and kiss her . . . no trouble there. Like he was just waiting for the opportunity! Makes you just say “aww”, doesn’t it?


You can tell by the way Corey looks at Alyssa that he is so in love with her, and their soon-to-arrive little guy.

madisonmaternityphotos9 madisonmaternityphotos10 madisonmaternityphotos11

But then again, who wouldn’t be? When Alyssa first stepped out of the car, she was stunning! I had major hair envy. She had it all done up so smooth and nice. It looked awesome and professionally done. That way, you could see her shiny new earrings, too. Such a stylish mama.


She has this beautiful bump that just makes you want to hold it! Don’t worry, I restrained myself. She is incredibly adorable and so sweet.


She was organized and prepared, bringing several ideas for props. Pumpkins from her shower, a letter from her nursery, and the tiniest, cutest shoes. Speaking of . . . don’t they both have some sweet boots? I was digging them.


And of course the little man has some nice kicks, too.


Alyssa wore her Grandmother’s ring, which now belongs to her. It is GORGEOUS. Vintage yet fits today’s style unbelievably well. I thought it was her own wedding ring, at first. 


Did you notice how Corey tucked his hands into her pockets? How cute. I didn’t tell him to do that. So unless his own hands were cold, that is pretty, stinkin’ adorable.


Congratulations to such a sweet couple! Thinking of you in the upcoming weeks. Baby G has some pretty cool parents! Thanks for bringing me along for the ride!

Your Forever Photos,

18 Oct

Amber & Nate Maternity Shoot {Madison, WI}

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Maternity Photos: Madison, Wisconsin


We knew Amber and Nate were welcoming a baby GIRL . . .

. . . but we had no idea what her name would be. We talked during their maternity photos, and they were pretty set on baby’s name, but rather than spoiling it for everybody, they decided to keep it a secret. Just so they wouldn’t slip, they nicknamed her “Buzz”.



Pretty cute. It’s always so adorable to see how parents-to-be interact with their baby in utero, especially during maternity photos.



 Nate was so doting on Amber, helping her up, loving on her baby belly, wrapping Amber up in his arms.


You know, palming her cute basketball of a belly!

Enjoying the last few weeks of just them in the world.


It was an amazing evening – a perfectly warm night, minimal bugs, and just some special time and attention for baby Otis.



There really is no preparing a new couple for how life-altering having a child is. Everyone experiences on their own accord and rolls with the punches, figuring it out their own way.



And let me just say, Amber and Nate are doing amazing and are the most caring, loving parents to little Madeline. The sweetest name for their little “Buzz.”

These are Your Forever Photos,

02 Feb

Kristi Heiser Photography: A Maternity Story

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MadisonMaternity5 copy
How adorable is this Madison couple? Heidi & Ben look like naturals to this whole baby thing, don’t they? This maternity session was so much fun. Honestly. They are the two most easy-going, fun-loving people I’ve ever met.

MadisonMaternity3 copy

Heidi & Ben live in my neighborhood, so I swung over to pick up Heidi. After giving her some advice on what to wear, Heidi hopped in my car and the ladies got to do what ladies do. Chat. About girl things. And babies. And life.

Madison WI Maternity Photographer

We drove our to Paoli, WI, a super cute small town 20 minutes out of Madison to take advantage of this obvious BEAUTIFUL afternoon. Artsy and country and unique. This adorable guy rode his motorcycle there to meet us. What a stud. Yet such a softy at heart. Seriously.

MadisonMaternity4 copy

He had all kinds of affection for Heidi and their babe. Just what the doctor ordered. And look how he looks at her . . . I melt.

MadisonMaternity2 copy

Heidi & Ben welcomed a little girl, Autumn, who is all kinds of perfect. Congratulations!

MadisonMaternity6 copy


Kristi Heiser