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17 Jan

10 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

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10 Tips Successful Newborn Shoot

In the weeks and days leading up to your baby’s birth, your brain is on overload. Thoughts, worries, dreams, expectations.


How will I get a hold of my husband?

Do we have enough diapers?

Are all of the baby clothes washed in chemical-free detergent?

How will my kids adjust to the new baby?

What else do I need to pack for the hospital?

Are these contractions Braxton Hicks or early labor?

Will the baby cooperate during our newborn photoshoot?




Scratch that last worry. Get it off your mind. Your shoot WILL be successful.

With these few tips, you’ll set yourself up for a relaxing, enjoyable, successful shoot.



10 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

 1.    Keep your newborn awake for 1-2 hours before the photoshoot.

Your baby will be ready for a good snooze just in time for the shoot. Sleeping babies are easier to pose, more cooperative, and create the most heartwarming peaceful photos. Unwrap them. Tickle their toes. Talk to them. Play with their arms and legs. Turn on lights. Open curtains. Turn on music or the TV.

2.    Feed and burp your baby right before the photoshoot.

A full tummy will zonk the baby right out! Some babies take longer than others to feed, so take your time. You’re just getting to know this little peanut and her schedule. If you’re feeding or nursing when I arrive, do not stress. I have plenty to set up and scope out around the house while you finish feeding.

3.    Loosen the diaper 30 minutes before the photoshoot.

A loose diaper will make those tight diaper marks and indentations disappear. Soft, perfect baby skin will glow in your photos.

4.    If nursing, avoid spicy or heavy foods the day before.

A gassy baby is not a happy baby. Stick to a light, healthy dinner and avoid potential gas triggers in the baby. Some potential culprit foods include: dairy, tomatoes, citrus fruits, spicy foods, fish, soy, or peanut products.

5.    Plan outfits way ahead of time . . . plus a backup.

Set aside an outfit or two for everyone. You don’t want to have to do laundry after returning from the hospital because your “photoshoot shirt” is dirty.  Have a backup shirt in case of spit-up, poo, breastmilk, etc. It happens.

6.    Turn your thermostat up to 75+ degrees.

Your newborn is used to being so cozy and warm – 98.6 degrees. He is still adjusting to this new climate. We want him to be warm and comfortable, but we also want to display those beautiful back wrinkles and those tiny, curled up toes!

7.    Dress in soft layers.

Since it will be warm, think about layers that can be removed and still look nice in photos. Mom’s bare arms alongside the baby’s soft skin can make for beautiful, fresh photos

8.    Make arrangements for your older kids.

There are some really tender moments that can happen with siblings. We can capture those right away. Then have arrangements for someone to take them for an outing, babysit them downstairs, or occupy them away from the photoshoot. Toddlers can be a tad noisy for brand-new sleeping babies and make it difficult for them to relax. It can also be stressful to chase them around, keep them away from photography setups, fetch them a snack, help them go potty, etc. Hire some help and enjoy a more relaxing 2 hours!

9.    Have a clean pacifier on hand.

The SOOTHIE brand is best for newborns and can be helpful to have on hand.

10. Remain calm.

If your baby starts crying, remain calm and be patient. She can pick up on your stress levels. A peaceful, calm environment is essential to a successful shoot!


Follow these simple tips and it’ll be smooth sailing!


Best of Luck,