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11 Apr

Great Grandpa Meets Carter {Newborn}

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Meet Christina & Rick. Two of the kindest, patient, sweetest people – and now parents – you’ll ever meet. This is Christina’s Grandpa . . . and his newest title, Great Grandpa to his new great-grandson Carter.


I was honored to capture Carter’s first days here on Earth. Christina met me at her parents house, which holds more memories of family and home. When family caught wind of this, it was the perfect opportunity to jump in the car and head on over to spend more time with this itty bitty cutie! I don’t blame them.


Unfortunately, for them, they maaaaay not have realized that newborn photoshoots can take 2-4 hours to shoot. While the new parents and I were upstairs in baby heaven, the rest of the crew was patiently waiting to see their newest family member.

Once I captured all of Carter’s smiles, smirks, beautiful dark eyes, & peaceful sleeps, we headed downstairs to share his adorableness. Great Grandpa was well rested and came right over to congratulate the new parents.

Congrats to Daddy

I’ve heard Christina talk about her Grandpa, how she takes him grocery shopping, and sees him frequently. Though I had never met him before, their bond is so apparent it brought tears to my eyes. His genuine happiness for his granddaughter and Rick made my heart swell. This embrace went on and on.


Great Grandpa was eager to hold baby Carter (who isn’t?!) He has the sweetest disposition, contentedness in his eyes, and it’s so clear where and who it stems from.

Newborn and Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa is known for his sole lullaby that he hums to every baby . . . Silent Night. No matter the season, Silent Night it is. Such a perfect song. It was the sweetest thing, and so fitting for such a sweet man.

Great Grandpa, Grandaughter, Great Grandson

I hope these images fill your heart and bring you a sense of peace, knowing that good, kind people in the world will be raising even greater children.

These are Your Forever Photos.


07 Apr

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: BeginAgain Animal Parade Puzzle A to Z

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I first stumbled upon this awesome puzzle at Satara, a local baby boutique here in Madison. I quickly fell in love for several different reasons.


1) Everyone love this puzzle. Babies love to chew on the animals. Toddlers love to story tell and use their imaginations with the animals. Older kids love the challenge of putting the puzzle together. Adults love the challenge, too. (It really IS tricky at first!)

2) Eco-Friendly. The rubber wood that it’s made out of is safe for babies and toddlers to put in their mouth. No toxins leeching here.

3) Educational. One side of the puzzle has capital letters, the other side has lower case letters. You can practice all sorts of letter recognition and beginning sounds.

It costs a pretty penny . . .  around $35-$4o. But it makes a great gift, or maybe if you’re kids are good, Santa can bring it.

They also have a HUGE version of this puzzle that is really, really cool. (It runs about double the price.) However, for the reasons above, it just may be something that you can justify purchasing!


There are several other smaller puzzles of the same idea. This little guy is desperately reeeaaaaching for his beloved snail puzzle pieces that have numbers on one side and roman numerals on the other. His 2 year old sister LOVES putting this one together. Check them out and choose the best for you.

Happy Monday,

30 Mar

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Wean Green Glass Containers

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Wean Green Glass Containers

I’m excited to share these Wean Green Glass Containers with you today! They are so versatile – for babies, toddlers, kids, & adults. They store pureed fruits/veggies for babies, snacks for toddlers, small portion-out sizes for adults, and sauces/salad dressings, too.


I first bought these little square snack cubes for baby food. They held the perfect amount, stacked and stored nicely, and had a small carbon footprint. I’ve slowly been switching over to glass, and these are by far one of my most used glass storage. Plus, they are adorable and colorful. My favorite.

Why Glass?

Glass is a cleaner, safer, healthier, eco-friendlier option as opposed to plastic. What’s really nice is you can microwave it quick without worrying about leeching chemicals into your kids’ food – even if it is only 10 seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I have plastic in my house, but I have been transitioning away from it. Or else using recycled plastic dishes such as the Reuseit brand which recycles milk jugs.


Isn’t it heavy? Won’t it break? Nope and nope. The containers are small so they don’t hold a significant, weighty amount. As for breaking, head to their website and view the Drop-test, Kid-approved video.

Newborn Must Have

They come in all kinds of small sizes: small bowls & tubs, larger squares and bowls for storing leftovers or packing lunches. This must-have definitely transcends all ages and can be used for everything, forever. Leave a comment with your favorite way to use them!

Happy Monday,

23 Mar


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A Baby Carrier

This post isn’t meant to tell you exactly what type of baby carrier to get. Rather, just the plain ‘ole fact that YOU WILL NEED ONE!

If you managed your first child without one, good for you! Impressive. But with multiple kiddos in tow, a carrier is essential. Sometimes newborns just need to snuggle. Okay, most of the time. And I had no problem camping out on the couch with my first newborn. But with a toddler and a baby . . . things change. You need to be chasing and changing and playing with your toddler. And getting things done around the house from time to time.

Moby Wrap

Enter, the baby carrier. It’s almost as if you’re tricking your baby into thinking you’re just there snuggling him. Which is great! Baby feels loved and cuddled. Mom is hands free, comforting her baby, AND taking care of business.

Baby Moby Wrap

Then comes the million dollar question. Which carrier? Which style? Which brand? Everyone and their mom will recommend a different carrier to you. There are TONS out on the market, and everyone swears by the one they have. But honestly? How many carriers has that person tried out, tested, and compared for an extended period of time? Most likely not very many. Myself included.

Baby Moby Wrap

My job isn’t to tell you what to go out and buy. Each baby carrier has pros and cons. Each body type will wear the carriers differently. Everyone has different hobbies or uses for their carriers. Some want to go hiking with baby in tow, and others want to wear baby around the house to get some laundry done.


My recommendation to YOU is to head to a local store that allows you to try on and test out different carriers. Wraps. Slings. Structured carriers. Here in Madison, WI, Nicki’s Diapers and Happy Bambino are two local stores that have free babywearing classes. You are able to stop in and try on different styles and seek the advice of workers. So incredibly helpful.


Nicki’s Diapers 

In my own experience, I used the Moby Wrap from 0-3 months mostly around the house, and occasionally outdoors. My kids loved to snuggle up all cozy on my chest like they were still in the womb. I didn’t like fussing with the length of the wrap in public, but if I did wear it out, I had to ensure I had it on well before I left the house or drove anywhere.

Baby Moby Wrap {Madison, WI}

From 3 months and on, I prefer my structured, buckled Boba Carrier. My kids like it in there, they feel secure, they can see . . . it’s working for us. It redistributes the weight to my hips rather than pulling on my shoulders, which is great. And my husband loves it. BONUS.

Happy Bambino

Happy Bambino

Leave a comment below sharing which baby carriers worked and didn’t work for you!

Happy Monday!


16 Mar

Must-Have Monday: Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets

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Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets


Perhaps you have heard about these lightweight muslin blankets? I’m sure many of you have. For some new moms and moms-to-be, they are on the very TOP of my must-have list for you!

NewbornThese muslin blankets are large, lightweight, and 100% cotton muslin. They are extremely versatile and come with me wherever I go. They are SO much more than a blanket. Here is a list of just some of the many uses I use them for:


  • swaddling newborns

  • breastfeeding cover

  • light blanket in the summer

  • sun cover/shade during stroller walks or at the park

  • soft & pretty backdrop for photos

  • burp cloth

  • breastpad (stuffed down my shirt while at home!)

  • playmat, while on the go


In looking through my photos (some of these are just quick phone pics), I realize how dependent I am on these. I go EVERYWHERE with them! They are well worth the $35-45 price tag, for 3-4. They offer organic ones, like the blue star print above, or bamboo blends. Thicker “dream blankets”, burp cloths, crib sheets, and sleep sacks. We’ve been loving the sleep sacks for a light, summertime, safe blanket alternative.

One recommendation . . . stick with the Aden & Anais brand. I’ve tried others, and they don’t seem as soft. My own opinion (I have no affiliation with the company).  So put them on your registry ASAP!

Happy Monday!

16 Mar

Must-Have Mondays!

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Each Monday, I will post one of my absolute must-haves for new moms, moms-to-be, or repeat moms. I have a whole arsenal of products that I want you to know about. Check back regularly to see what I have in store for you!

07 Feb

Newborn Gift Idea

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Looking for a unique, meaningful Newborn Gift Idea for mom and her newborn? Allow her to display her newborn photos in this one of a kind, personalized keepsake!

Let me know what you think of it!



02 Feb

Kristi Heiser Photography: A Maternity Story

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MadisonMaternity5 copy
How adorable is this Madison couple? Heidi & Ben look like naturals to this whole baby thing, don’t they? This maternity session was so much fun. Honestly. They are the two most easy-going, fun-loving people I’ve ever met.

MadisonMaternity3 copy

Heidi & Ben live in my neighborhood, so I swung over to pick up Heidi. After giving her some advice on what to wear, Heidi hopped in my car and the ladies got to do what ladies do. Chat. About girl things. And babies. And life.

Madison WI Maternity Photographer

We drove our to Paoli, WI, a super cute small town 20 minutes out of Madison to take advantage of this obvious BEAUTIFUL afternoon. Artsy and country and unique. This adorable guy rode his motorcycle there to meet us. What a stud. Yet such a softy at heart. Seriously.

MadisonMaternity4 copy

He had all kinds of affection for Heidi and their babe. Just what the doctor ordered. And look how he looks at her . . . I melt.

MadisonMaternity2 copy

Heidi & Ben welcomed a little girl, Autumn, who is all kinds of perfect. Congratulations!

MadisonMaternity6 copy


Kristi Heiser

20 Feb

Who is the BEST Newborn Photographer in Madison, WI?

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You deserve the BEST.

Your baby deserves the BEST.

It’s only natural to search out the BEST newborn photographer in Madison, Wisconsin!

lifestyle newborn

Finding the BEST photographer is a personal choice, and it differs for everyone. What does the BEST mean to you? Here is what I believe means to be the BEST newborn photographer.

lifestyle newborn photo


1. Someone Who has Quality Customer Service

Being the best photographer means taking the best care of your clients. It means guiding them through tough decisions between prints. It means walking through their homes to search out the best locations for wall art. It means sharing Pinterest boards for nursery ideas, giving tips for what to wear in photos, and suggesting ideas for framing prints. The best photographer is someone who genuinely cares about you, your family, and preserving your memories.

lifestyle newborn photo

2. Someone Who Creates Beautiful Photos & Products

You are investing time and money for priceless photos of your newborn baby. You expect and deserve the photos to be the best. The best photos do not come from handing over a CD of photos and printing from the nearest, cheapest drugstore. The best photographer takes the prints and products into their own hands to ensure the very best crop, the very best print and color quality, the very best display of your beautiful little bundle. The best photographer uses professional print labs, offers fabric or leather covered luxury albums, and delivers beautiful vibrant canvases.

newborn album keepsake

3. Someone Who Specializes in Newborns

The best newborn photographer works with newborns exclusively. They have far more expertise with posing newborns and families with newborns, more artistic ideas for shots, and are more comfortable working with, holding, and caring for newborns. They can also offer the best tips for calming the baby, keeping the baby warm and comfortable, and snapping the best overall newborn photos. For the best newborn photos, choose someone who is passionate about and SPECIALIZES in newborns


Kristi Heiser Photography believes in these above traits. I live by these qualities in my newborn photography. If you agree with my above definition of “the BEST newborn photographer”, then know that that’s what you’ll get when you work with me! If you like what you hear, then click here to CALL or EMAIL ME TODAY to talk babies!!

27 Jan

What to Wear for Newborn Photos

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I’m going to keep this post SIMPLE and CLEAN and to the point. Just like your clothes should be.

1. Soft Cotton Clothing
Baby does not want to snuggle up to a jacket with buttons or zippers. Give your baby some soft, cotton, cuddly clothes to snuggle up to.

2. Neutral or Pastel Colors
      Soft, neutral colors pair well with the baby’s soft skin and newness. Think cream, tan, light brown, pale pink, soft yellow. You want the attention to be on the new baby and not distracted by bold patterns and vibrant colors.

3. Layers
      The house should be kept warm for the new baby, so it might be a bit toasty for you. Dress in layers that look good together or apart. A neutral tank top with a long cardigan and a thin soft scarf. For Dad, a plain tee under a loose button-down. Photos with Mom in a tank top with bare arms next to the bare skin of baby looks so, so sweet.

4. Minimal or Smaller-sized Jewelry
      Avoid chunky, cold, sharp jewelry. And long necklaces. For obvious reasons. A special monogrammed necklace, a gifted charm bracelet, or special earrings from your significant other would be great choices. Wedding rings are recommended 🙂


Of course, these are YOUR photos, so take or leave this advice. These are simply guidelines – but feel free to add in a pop of color in a headband, scarf, base tank top, etc. We still want the photos to represent you and your style!