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09 Jun

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Makeup Remover Wipes

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Makeup Remover Wipes

This must-have is for all you moms.

New moms. Moms again. Moms-to-be. All women, even!

Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand.

These AVEENO wipes are nice. But there are also a million other kinds.


There will be time and time again where you will fall asleep with your contacts in, face not washed. And yes, I’m sure you’ve read how terrible sleeping in your makeup is for your skin. I would NEVER not wash my face, no matter how tired I was. Until I had babies.

A whole new form of sleep deprivation and tiredness. And let me tell you . . . SLEEP TRUMPED WASHING MY FACE.

Here are the negative effects of skipping out on washing your face:

clogged pores


uneven skin tone

deeper wrinkles

lack of skin renewal process
(occurs during the night)

faster aging

Having kids ages you enough . . . do what can to prevent it further!

 Happy, er . . . Tuesday!

02 Jun

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

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Alright. Babies aren’t just cute and cuddly and cooing all the time. Time to get real.

You will be peed on. Pooped on. Puked on. Drooled on. Spit up on.

And more. But you won’t care. Not really.

What you WILL care about is the comfort and health of your baby.

Nothing is worse than when your itty bitty baby can’t breathe.

Poor things can’t take any form of nasal decongestant. They can’t quite figure out why it’s so hard to breathe. They can’t suck on their pacifiers for comfort. And they can’t drink their milk.


Enter: NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

While not the most glamorous of “must-haves”, this is essential to the health and comfort of your newborn. Some hospitals send you home with a rubber bulb aspirator . . . the same ones used to suck out your newborn’s nose and mouth when first born.nosefrida1

These can be effective. Sometimes. You squeeze the bulb, insert into the nostril, and release. There’s only that much suction allowed. However, sometimes there’s too much junk in the nose and you need to keep sucking it out. That’s where the NoseFrida excels!


With this, you can control how much suction you need to use. Place the red piece in your mouth, place the tip of the blue piece in the nostril, and suck with your mouth.

Sounds gross. I know. But it’s really not.

To put it bluntly, there is a foam filter that tops any snot from getting to your mouth. End of story. So maybe the concept seems gross, but it’s really not.

And you’ll feel so good helping your little one out!!

Get it at any baby store. Or at Target.

Happy Monday,

26 May


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Must-Have: bkr glass water bottle

Well, this is just an obvious must-have for everyone. Especially with summer around the corner.

We all need to drink more water and stay hydrated.

But ESPECIALLY pregnant mamas, post partum mamas, and breastfeeding mamas.

Water Bottle
I first KNEW I was pregnant because of being SOOOO incredibly thirsty. All day. All night. Yep, pregnant.

Your blood volume increases by 50%! You need the water!

And then if you breastfeed . . .

Breastfeeding = Thirsty. All. The. Time.

It’s amazing how the SECOND you sit down to breastfeed, you are suddenly PARCHED. Like you haven’t had water for days. Those little babies suck you dry! But I say, treat yourself . . . because these water bottles are way more fun to have lying around.

Water Bottle

My new favorite water bottle. Stylish. Safe. Enviro friendly. Colorful. Refreshing. The bkr Glass Water Bottle. On trend and popping up amongst all the celebrities, too. There are always new colors, inspired by the latest fashion shows and runways.

You get the impossible choice of choosing your color. And then your size:

500 mL for $30
1 L for $42

The smaller of the two (500 mL) is great for the purse and diaper bag. It’s small enough and light enough to not weigh you down.

Whereas the larger 1 L bottle is great for stationary places, because it’s a bit bigger, and you don’t have to keep refilling it. Great for home, at work, on your desk, or on your nightstand.

Water bottle

Kind of a splurge. But I see it as an investment in my health.

I’m more likely to carry my pretty water bottle around and DRINK MORE if it looks refreshing.

These make great gifts, too. Something you maybe wouldn’t buy for yourself. Thanks Alison, for mine! You can find them on Amazon or at

Happy Monday!

19 May

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Travel Highchair

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This week’s “must-have” took me a couple years and a couple kids later to realize the obvious need.

Everyone knows you need a highchair. Preferably one with a few different transitional seats. And a booster.

But a travel highchairReally?


Yes. Really.

This is Phil&Teds Lobster Highchair. It simply & securely clamps onto most tables and surfaces. They sit right up to the table to limit food dropping everywhere. It also includes a tray that snaps on and off for simple cleanup. It’s aluminum frame is lightweight. It also folds up into a handy carrying case for easy storage – just keep it in your trunk! Bonus: it can hold your baby OR your toddler. It holds up to 37 pounds!! 


When & Where Would I Ever Need This?

1. Grandma’s House
Ok. So Grandma is “Super Grandma” and has a highchair already. Either brand new or from 35 years ago. But guess what? Chances are, Grandma will have more than 1 grandchild pretty soon. Point made. (This also applies to Friends’ Houses, Great-Grandma’s House, Aunt Jen’s House, & all family gatherings, really.)

2. Dinner Alfresco
Snap this bad boy on the patio table out back and you’re set. This was a big one for us. Hauling our hefty highchair out the backdoor, off the deck, and onto our stone patio was not only hard on the wheels (concrete/stone), but also really annoying to carry out during spring/summer months of dining outside.


3. Picnics
Fits great snapped onto a picnic table. No more dripping all over the blanket. No more baby crawling off to chase bugs. No more eating grass and stones instead of watermelon.

4. Restaurants
Okay. Of course I have used the gross restaurant wooden highchairs. But they are far from ideal. The openings are huge, so your 7 month old is slipping out through the back and sides. The majority of the kids’ food ends up on the floor. And you know those high school and college kids could care less about wiping and sanitizing those nasty wooden highchairs. The buckles are broken 95% of the time, or else too coated with nastiness to function. Gooey ketchup smears and crusted food. Are you sold yet?

5. Playdates
When you go to someone else’s house for a “playdate”, they inevitably will be occupying their highchair and booster seat. Duh. And if you expect them to have extras . . . amidst the rest of the baby stuff oozing from every corner (jumper, swing, bouncer, chairs, strollers, shopping carts, entire toy kitchens . . . oi vey), then you’re either a mother of one or naive. Just bring this over and lock your child up for ten minutes! And be an awesome mom and savior and offer this up when you host your own playdates.


6. Breakfast Bar or Kitchen Island
Clip it onto the island or kitchen counter so you don’t have to be tripping over the huge highchair in the kitchen. Kids want to be near you. ALWAYS. The reason they crawl up your legs while you’re in the kitchen or emptying the dishwasher (or doing anything really) is because they love you and want to learn about the world and see what could be more fun than playing with them. Pop them in the seat and talk to them while you prep and cook. Throw a couple cheerios on it, or else just a few toys. Or a spoon for pete’s sake. Sometimes they just like to sit up at your level.

7. Family Vacations
Weddings, Hotel Stays, More Restaurants. Super light and compact to throw in a suitcase – or your diaper bag.

Alright, there are probably a bunch of other scenarios I could think of where this would make life so much easier. But this should suffice. It’s only limitations are clipping to a rounded edge of a table, or a table with a lip under it.

Seriously, check it out at Amazon.

Happy Monday,

15 May

Newborn Susie Mae {Madison, WI}

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Well, this beauty just entered the world.

Newborn Susie

Susie Mae. She is every bit as adorable as her name would suggest. And I was lucky enough to snuggle her within her first few days here. So was her big sister Kelly!

Sister Kelly

Kelly is 2. She loves dresses and necklaces. Graham crackers and the zoo. Books and trampolines.


Her most recent LOVE, though? Her new baby sister.


Kelly was all for holding baby Susie. And what a natural. How fun will it be to watch these two sweeties grow up together?


Their rooms are right next to each other. Which means late-night whispers, tapping on their adjoining walls, sneaking into one another’s beds during thunderstorms. And of course, one day, stealing each other’s clothes and locking each other out of their rooms. But not now.


Because right now, Kelly is enamored with her brand new baby sister Susie. Kelly has so much to teach her. Like the names of animals at the zoo and how to jump really high on a trampoline. And how to get these two sweet parents wrapped around their little girls’ fingers.


And by the looks of it . . . Kelly sure has taught Susie a thing or two about it already.




Am I right??

All the late-night feedings and ear-piercing cries are so easily forgivable.

Because look at this face.


Sweet, sweet Susie.


Her parents love her more than she will ever know. And they are soaking up these fleeting newborn moments with snuggles and kisses. Rocking and swaying. Bouncing and loving.




Because how could you not?


These are Your Forever Photos,

11 May

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Tiny Love Crib Mobile

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Once my kids were around 3 months, they LOVED hanging out in their crib. Mostly in part to this Tiny Love Mobile.

It was great. I could lay her down in the crib while I cooked dinner, and she was happy as a clam. Cooing and kicking away. Or while I showered. Or simply needed 10 minutes to myself. With my first child, that is 🙂 No toddlers to chase after.

newborn in crib

Why This Mobile Is So Great:

1. It plays adorable, sweet melodies. For drifting off to sleep, or just hanging out in the crib.

2. It has BLACK AND WHITE spirals on the inside of the cones or parts of the mobile hanging. If you don’t know yet, babies love high contrast toys, books, anything. They can watch this thing for mobile3. The mobile not only rotates the little guys, but also each little guy spins at some point, too. The babies like the element of surprise!

4. There is also a small light up piece on the mount that babies are drawn to.

5. You have the option of having the mobile quietly spin, or spin with the music on.

6. Once your baby is old enough to reach, crawl and try to yank ’em down, you can still have the music/light mounted on and simply take off the mobile part. Great for lulling them to sleep still.

baby mobile 3

7. There are mainly pink ones, mainly blue ones . . . yet they each still have oranges and pinks and greens either way, which is nice.

Consider getting this mobile! It can be a real life-saver. I found mine on Craigslist, like new. Otherwise, slap it on your registry.

Happy Monday!

04 May


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Lullabies. Always something I figured we’d just sing to our baby.

We had our nighttime routine. Bath, brush gums/teeth, diaper, pjs, nurse & rock to sleep while humming and singing the same 3 lullabies that came to mind.

And it was sweet. And I loved it.

4 months LATER . . . we received a gift from my husband’s coworker. This very CD.

lullaby cd

 Lullaby CDs were off my radar. It’s something I never really thought about. You think about the safest stroller, the best carrier, the cutest nursery, the softest clothes, an audio or video monitor, etc. But such a little thing like this was nowhere on my mind.

It was the PERFECT gift. (Thanks, Pam!) Something useful, that I did not yet have. Something that all new parents can use, no matter their taste or personal preference. Just sweet baby melodies. And if they have music already, it’s a great change-up.

Newborn Lullabies

Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay (and TONS of other rock bands like Aerosmith, Metallica, Journey, etc.), takes classic rock songs that parents love and put it to sweet, tinkly, soft, simple music for babies. So while you’re rocking baby for what seems like an eternity, you can rock out to a version of your own favorite music.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I still love to sing to my babies. But these CDs allow you to create a peaceful environment & and exit the room while it’s still playing. It’s also great to bring along on trips when baby is unfamiliar with their sleep environment. It brings along a touch of familiarity and safeness.

Happy Monday!

28 Apr

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Inflatable Duck Tub

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Ahhh bath time. Tricky, tricky bath time. It took us quite some time to become comfortable with bathing our firstborn. Bathing a newborn with zero head control, who hated being naked and cold was a two-man job for a while. This Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub is low-cost, fun, and necessary for the 3-7 month infant. I will break down the stages of bathing by approximate age and development, but it REALLY varies based on the development of your individual baby.

Stages of Bathing an Infant (Approx.)

0-10 Days (Umbilical Cord Still Attached)

You are restricted to a sponge bath until the umbilical cord dries up and comes off. You also need to take caution with circumcised boys. I actually liked being restricted to only sponge bathing. It was easier. Less stressful for us rookies.

Key areas to focus on are the neck, armpits, behind the ears. We found out the hard way that if you don’t clean between the neck rolls well, it starts to smell (from the milk that dripped in there). Same with the armpits. They will smell and may become red and irritated, especially if it is winter and their arms aren’t getting much airflow.

10 Days – 3 months (Weak Head/Neck Control)

Now that the umbilical cord has come off, you can give an actual bath! With our firstborn, we tried the classic whale tub everyone seems to use. I didn’t like it. Baby was chilly, she was exposed, she was on her back, she seemed vulnerable, and she didn’t seem very supported.

With baby number 2, I fell in love with the Tummy Tub (which I will need to dedicate a whole post to!). Basically, it replicates the womb by allowing baby to be immersed in the water, stay warm, and be in that familiar fetal position.

I’ve also heard great things about the Puj Tub, used in the sink or if you get in the tub, too, and place it in your lap.

3 – 7 months (Head Control, Starting to Sit)


This is where the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub comes in! Baby is outgrowing her first newborn tub and is more and more interested in splashing and playing in the water. Since baby is too small yet for the regular tub, you’ll need a transitional tub. Baby’s head/neck is strong but cannot yet sit up.

This inflatable duck tub is great because baby can lean into it and be supported. As baby becomes stronger, he can sit on his own with the security of the tub to catch him when he tips. Bonus: it quacks.

Also, I would frequently forgo any baby tub at all and lay baby on his back in the regular tub. Only fill the tub with a few inches of water. He loved being free and kicking & splashing! Took me a second child to figure this one out.


7 months+ (Sitting Confidently)

When you are confident in your baby’s sitting capabilities, let them play in the regular, big tub!

Hopefully this helps the bathing process for new parents . . . and provides insight into other options for all parents!

20 Apr


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I ALWAYS recommend newborn gowns to new moms. For girls and boys. And lots of them.

newborn gownNewborns need an incredible number of diaper changes. It’s impressive really. And time consuming. And if you’re new to this, babies don’t love getting their diapers changed.

Mix that with new parents who don’t know how to hold their baby’s fragile, scrunched up, chicken legs while he is screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking his heels into his own dirty diaper.

Well, it’s not always that bad.

But, since you’ll be changing tons of diapers, these gowns make it incredibly easy to just slide it up, do your business, and slide it down. Done.

Cozy. Roomy. Soft.

newborn gown

 It allows baby to curl up into their favorite fetal position.

You don’t have to struggle to get their tiny, scrunched, uncooperative legs into the right leg holes without worrying about breaking a leg.

You don’t have to worry about zip-up sleepers catching their skin.

You don’t have to stress about matching the right button snaps at 2:30 in the morning.

newborn gown

Under the Nile is a super soft, organic brand that makes INCREDIBLE baby clothes.

I always wanted as many soft, organic clothes for my newborn, especially. Their skin is so delicate and sensitive, and these clothes feel so, so soft and cozy. The reality is . . . newborns go through TONS of clothes! (spit-up, poo, milk, etc.) So while it’s near impossible to have a closet full of these, it is nice to have a few that you feel good about.

I’d suggest buying gender neutral colors to get the most wear out of them across all your children. Plus, they can wear them for quite a few months since it’s just a big sack! Worth the splurge.

Otherwise, almost every other brand of baby clothes carries these gowns. Just be cautious of gowns whose elastic is too tight. When you lift the gown up around their bellies to change their diapers, sometimes the elastic is so tight it seems to squeeze their little bellies! (Some of the Carters gowns are tight.)

Like these gowns. They look too tight at the bottom. Look for ones that have wider, gentler elastic.

newborn gown

Happy Monday!

14 Apr

MUST-HAVE MONDAY: Mambino Organics Belly Butter

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This week’s must-have is for both pregnant mamas and post-partum mamas.

Every woman, to some degree, thinks about stretch marks at some point during her pregnancy. Especially her very first pregnancy. It really is amazing how much her belly grows, expands, and   s t r e t c h e s  to grow and house her little baby. Amazing. And a little scary.

In steps this miraculous belly butter from Mambino Organics. This post is not meant to be vain. Not to keep your belly from ever looking like it housed a human being. But why not try to limit the skin damage that can be done?

Here is why this belly butter is so worth purchasing and a definite must-have:

maternity must have
1. It’s 100% Natural & Organic
It’s made with minimal ingredients and all safe ones: mango, shea butter, and madagascar tamanu oil. No crazy, hard-to-pronouce ingredients. No parabens. It feels good to know you’re putting something natural and safe on your belly, since it’s so close to your baby! Your skin absorbs topical creams, so I for one was on the hunt for the purest, cleanest products.

2. It REALLY Prevents Stretch Marks
This sounds silly to claim, but not really. It today’s world, marketing, advertising, and “green-washing” of products (making you believe it’s a safe, clean product) can lead you astray. So I’m here telling you that it really works. I used this belly butter every day during my first pregnancy: after showers and a thick layer before bed. It worked. Zero stretch marks.

During my second pregnancy, and a toddler keeping me busy, I had less time to focus on myself and any pending stretch marks. Lo and behold, I got MAJOR stretch marks. In hindsight, I should’ve taken 3 minutes to apply this cream to help combat those stretch marks and the insane redness and itchiness I had.

3. It Smells Delicious
Though pregnant noses can be particular, this smell never once bothered me. It has a mild, citrusy, mango scent. It smells so good and allows you (or your husband) to give yourself a mini belly massage for a few minutes each day. Bonus.

4. It Helps Your Post Partum Belly, Too!
It’s a TWO-FOR-ONE! Not only does it help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, but also helps strengthen and heal your skin post-baby. It works to firm up your connective tissue and repair any damaged skin. It also softens your skin and minimizes the redness and appearance of stretch marks.

Tips For Using This Belly Butter

I only ever needed 1 jar per pregnancy. I would recommend starting with a teaspoon at a time.

Rub it in your hands for a few seconds to melt it. Rub it all over your belly, sides, and wherever stretch marks concern you.

Yes, it’s a bit oily. But for the results I got, I’ll take it! If it absorbed right away, it wouldn’t be doing the dirty work of protecting and fully moisturizing your ever-expanding skin. I mainly put it on at night, so I wasn’t concerned about my pjs getting some on it. For use during the day, I almost always had a belly band on, and that contained the wetness so that it didn’t get on my clothes.

I’ve started doing this with olive oil in the kitchen, too! Instead of washing it off, use it anywhere else your skin needs a boost.

So there you have it. My must-have of the week. Buy it for yourself, gift it at a baby shower (or sooner!), or tell someone about it. They will fall in love with this stuff!

Happy Monday!