6 Simple Things To Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

6 Simple Things To Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

I almost titled this post 6 Simple Things TO DO Before Baby Arrives. 

Then I realized how stupid that sounds. Of course you have a million things running around in your head that need to get done before baby gets here. Plus your crazy “nesting” to-do list.

So instead, here are small things you should ENJOY before your life revolves around feeding, changing, and keeping a tiny human being alive.

6 Simple Things to Enjoy Before Baby Arrives

1. Painting Your Own Nails
I never realized the luxury of having a few hours at night to veg on the couch and let me nails really, fully dry. Not worrying about having to change a diaper, feed your newborn, rock an infant. AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.

2. Eating Dinner
PERIOD. Or eating dinner without a newborn latched on at the dinner table. Newborns have an uncanny ability to cry and need you for something right as you sit down to dinner.

3. Watching an Entire Movie in One Sitting
Okay. So this might be tricky, seeing as though you probably have to pause it to pee 10 times throughout a 2 hour movie. However, no worries about spontaneous spit-ups or blow outs or crying spells to interrupt a good flick.

4. Spontaneously Going ANYWHERE (only applies to first-time moms)
Get in and out of the car only worrying about driving and moving yourself! Imagine that. For repeat moms, leave the kids with Dad and go somewhere. Anywhere. Turn up the radio to something other than Frozen. Leave feeding the kids to Dad, because soon, your little peanut will rely on YOU as their sole food source.

5. Showering
Casually. Letting your thoughts wander about randomly. No worries about whether you heard a baby cry, frantically holding the monitor up to your ear. Or whether the baby is breathing in her crib. Or whether or not your toddler is sitting on your newborn. Showering alone without toddlers and babies trying to climb in. Showering with the lights on, like a normal human being, and not with a toddler flicking them on and off repeatedly.

6. Sleep
Choosing to go to sleep whenever you want. Sleeping for longer than 2 hour stretches. Looking forward to sleep, as opposed to looking forward to the daytime, when it’s normal for people to be awake for hours on end.

Does this make me sound bitter and jaded? I’m not. This is just the reality of having little ones! They really are so awesome.

Free snuggles. A constant buddy to hang with. Little humans who love you unconditionally.

These are are just a few reminders of things to consciously enjoy!



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